Liquid handling devices for laboratories

The biggest advantage of liquid handling devices is not because of time in the sense that the process will be faster but it will save time. A liquid handling machine is roughly equal, time wise, compared to a scientist working in a laboratory. However during the period that a researcher is doing tedious or repetitive work consisting mainly of manual action he or she can’t do qualitative actions such as analysis.

In order to be able to make use of the full potential of a biochemist or chemist a liquid handler can be installed in a lab. This device will do all the work that can be manually done. With the current technologies developing in a rapid pace a lot of these liquid handling devices are available on the market. This way researchers can choose many different tools to do their studies on biology, biochemistry, genomics and more. GC Biotech supplies many of these robots. For all brands of liquid handling robots it’s advised to take a look at our online store.

GC Biotech supplies chemistry robots

To do chemistry with ease GC Biotech supplies various liquid handling robots. These machines only need some input at the start from a technician until they are finished with their tasks. This includes pipetting with incredible accuracy which is another reason to prefer such a device over a manually operating scientist. Just set the timer and it will perform the actions a human is capable of doing. To take this to the extreme there are robots available that can handle pipettes and syringes which are meant to be used by human hands. Use GC Biotech liquid handling systems for easy work.

Accessories for liquid handling machines

There are many accessories out there for liquid handling machines. For example certain modules can be attached to add functions like heating, shaking and cooling of vessels. Other options like storing samples and incubating them are among the many that one can choose. Liquid handling is made easy these days by the wide variety of accessories and robotic handlers.